I've been to Paradise and I liked it!

Paradise Valley Campground

Squamish, BC Canada

Campground Staff OPPORtunities in Squamish, BC

What type of individuals are we looking for?
Do you take pride and satisfaction in doing your best at no matter what you do? Do you enjoy bringing a smile to others when you are of service to them? Are you energetic and prefer to be on the move rather than to sit watching time pass? Do you want to experience living, working and playing in an outdoor paradise? If you answered yes to these questions then we’re looking for you. You need to be knowledgeable and handy with respect to typical household-type cleaning chores, types of repair and maintenance tasks. You need to bring a common sense approach to solving issues in the best interest of serving guests. You also bring a strong work ethic and a sense of responsibility in committing to be part of a team of several adult couples who enjoy being outdoors and helping others pursue a memorable camping experience.

What type of positions are they? Where is it located?
These are near full-time positions from late April through September with the potential to extend to the end of September. Camping experience is essential and prior experience working in a campground is much preferred. We’re looking for physically active couples to work in an 90+ site campground in beautiful Squamish, BC, also known as the Outdoor Recreation Capital of Canada. If you enjoy biking, hiking, climbing, kayaking, canoeing, photography, white water rafting, among other outdoor pursuits then Squamish is your dream destination. The campground is consistently rated at 4.5/5 stars on Google and TripAdvisor and is a family oriented campground with a non-amplified music policy. You need to be able to legally work in Canada. We are 45 minutes south of Whistler and 50 minutes north of Vancouver. It is not uncommon to observe bear, cougar, and coyote in the vicinity or on-site at times during the season so, be sure that you have a comfort level with wildlife contact.

What kind of work is required?
As a couple, one will be focused on first-contact guest services working in the office / store. These duties include guest registration and reservations using a web-based occupancy system on a Windows 10 computer and responding to in-person and phone inquiries about the campground and recreational activities in the area. The store has an ice cream bar, beverage / snacks and camping supplies for which you will use an Apple IOS point-of-sale app. You will handle both cash and credit card transactions and conduct an end-of-day reconciliation. You will be expected to multi-task in this busy environment all the while being welcoming and genuine in your guest interactions. You will be expected to lift adult and youth bicycles stored on a storage rack and lift and carry 20 lb propane cylinders. Additionally, housekeeping duties will be required to provide a welcoming and sanitary environment in the office and washrooms. You will be required at times to climb a step stool or ladder when cleaning or facing merchandise. The other individual will be primarily assigned to maintenance duties. This is a physically demanding position requiring walking, overhead lifting, carrying weights up to 50 lbs, reaching high / low, pulling / pushing, and climbing ladders. You can expect to rake, sweep, paint, wash, cut grass and trim branches, repair broken items, lift / carry supplies, move picnic tables and fire pits, collect and sorting recyclables, among other activities. You can expect to clean toilets, showers, sinks and mirrors, wash floors, pick up trash and recyclables, rake sites, and empty fire pits. Some of these tasks are done several times per shift. You can expect to carry bundles of firewood, and during a fire ban lift and carry 20 lb propane cylinders and gas fire pits. You must be able to lift mountain bikes off and onto a hanging rack at head height. You will direct incoming campers in their vehicles / trailers. You will operate an electric golf cart and be required to exit and enter multiple times per shift. Either individual or both will conduct night patrols after the 10 PM quiet hour to ensure guests are being respectful to their neighbours. This walking patrol is typically 30 minutes in length or until confident that campers will not be disruptive. During high season these patrols are nightly however, during low season the patrols are typically required only on Friday and Saturday nights. A shared responsibility of all campground staff is being vigilant to ensuring guests are not damaging property or the natural environment.

Any other job requirements?
You must have your own self-contained RV unit, no longer than 34 feet. The ability to drive a standard shift vehicle is an asset. All employees must hold a valid driver’s license from your home jurisdiction. 

Can I bring my pet?

Yes, we’re a dog friendly campground however, they must be leashed and not prone to barking.

Have questions? Want to apply?
Ready to start working as a couple in beautiful British Columbia? Send your resumés and any further
inquiries via email to camp@paradisevalleycampground.net.


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