Our Story

Paradise Valley Campground is now under new ownership. We would like to extend our thanks to Lynn and Pat Wilbur for offering a wonderful escape to nature over the last 17 years.

The Wilbur’s began their adventure in 2001 and the first few years were a very large learning curve: camping was no longer just an activity for families looking for a quick get-away from BC’s lower mainland, but also for adventurers, and young people alike. Lynn and Pat realized that the campground could not offer all things to all people, and it became important to determine their market.

As the Wilburs got to know their campers better, it became apparent that relaxation has become a high priority for everyone. Appealing to those campers looking for a downtime experience has helped shape their business into a 28 acre private nature park. In response to the suggestions from their campers, they introduced a ”No Amplified Music” policy which means – no radios please. Of course, that does not mean that the campground runs in a meditative state, as acoustic guitar and singing is welcome.

The entire property, including washrooms and pay showers, are immaculate. Paradise Valley Campground’s location is known as “front country” – this area is a natural habitat for many forms of wildlife.  Typically, wild animals fear humans and are rarely seen or heard. If they are attracted by food and/or garbage left out around the campground, their fear diminishes and they become what is known as habituated; the fear is gone and they take what they want.  Keeping our property clean has prevented wildlife from becoming habituated. To this end the campground provides several bear proof garbage and recycling containers.

The Wilburs’ approach to running their business, and their deep respect of nature, have made the campground into a welcoming and safe place for campers– not only from the lower mainland, but from all across North America and the rest of the world.  If you enjoy the great outdoors do not hesitate to plan one of your camping trips at Paradise Valley Campground. We hope to continue offering a quality camping experience to new and returning guests.