Pets are welcome at Paradise Valley Campground, and please remember:
– pets are not to be left unattended.
– please clean up after your pet.

The campground season opens April 26th and closes after the Thanksgiving Long Weekend.

No, but we do ask that you contact us to advise your estimated time of arrival to ensure that your site is saved for you.

Because we are front country wilderness, we do have wildlife in the immediate area, such as deer, coyote, racoon, squirrels, bobcat, and black bear, to name a few. We have never had a problem with any of the wildlife. We believe this is because we have bear proof garbage cans, which we empty daily and because the property is immaculately maintained. Further, we ask our guests to ensure that they keep their garbage and their food in their vehicles when they are not at their sites, or when they are sleeping.

None of the above. We are only 10 minutes to the closest grocery store and 15 minutes from Squamish Town Centre. We do, however, sell ice, ice cream, chips and candy, coffee and tea, and some beverages (also known as: camping essentials).

We sell firewood at $8.00/bundle. We charge $1.00 for five minutes in the showers. There are also items that can be purchased in our little concession in the office.

Most of our sites are private, except the sites used by groups or families camping together.

Fishing, river rafting, kayaking, bouldering, birding, biking, hiking and walking. We do rent bikes, but for other activities, please bring your own gear. If you enjoy hiking, there is an intense hike (straight up for 1.5 km) Thompson Trail to Brohm Lake directly from our property. There is also a network of trails that can be accessed at the top of Thompson Trail. Squamish is the “Outdoor Recreation Capital of Canada”, and we are only 15 minutes or so from any Outdoor Recreation in Squamish.

Even though the Cheakamus River runs along our property, we do not have sites set up on the river. We believe that all our guests should have access to the river’s edge, and a trail has been created for everyone’s use. Swimming can be found at Brohm Lake for the extreme hiker (one hour straight up Thompson Trail), or for the younger children, Alice Lake is your best bet. (8 km from the campground, across Hwy 99).

We have 30 acres of nature to explore where trails have been created. We encourage parents to bring their children’s bikes and we offer complimentary paint for painting small rocks. We also have two grass areas where kids can kick a ball around or play catch. We do not offer man-made park amenities. For property layout, check under the Maps Tab on our website.

Our reservation system is set up to accommodate one reservation per site. If two or more sites are needed, then a reservation is needed for each site. As stated in our policies, four adults may occupy one site, or two adults and their children. If you are enquiring about a group booking, which exceeds four adults in a site, or two adults and their children in a site, please call our toll free line, 1 800 922 1486 (local calls: 604 898 1486). If you need to determine availability for more than one site, please call our toll free line. (Side Bar: If you are a family of two adults and more than three children, please include three children in your reservation and note in the Special Requests that you have “X” number of children in total.)

Yes – however, we are a very small operation and there are only two of us that can manage phone calls. Therefore, it will be much faster for you to use the booking engine on our website which is totally secure.

Reservations are required Thursday through Saturday. Long weekends (minimum three night booking) are usually fully booked at least two months in advance. Regular weekends are usually reserved full at least two weeks in advance. While it’s not required reservations during weekdays are recommended if you want to be guaranteed a site. Many guests request specific sites. We will do our best to honour the request, but we cannot guarantee the site assignment even if it is confirmed when the reservation is made. Please note that all sites are assigned before arrival and cannot be changed unless there are unassigned sites available.

After much trial and error, and numerous sleepless nights for campers and the owners/operators, the solution to a persistent problem of noise after quiet time was to try a “No Amplifed Music” policy. We couldn’t believe the difference in the noise level throughout the day, as well as the evening. The campground became a place where one could hear the leaves in the breeze and birds singing. N0 AMPLIFIED MUSIC is now a hard and fast rule that has created a very tranquil experience for anyone camping here. Music lovers can go to just about any other campground, but this one is quiet.

Earphones are encouraged if you would like to listen to music, and quiet guitar strumming around your campfire is enjoyed by most, as long as the guitar is put away and the singing stops at 10:00 pm.